Prevention Plan for Divorce Before Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Prevention, Mental disorder Pages: 6 (2255 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Phuong Ho
Prof. Janice Falbert
CDFS 321 Section 9
Personal Relationships Wellness Philosophy Paper (PRW)
Fall 2012
Marriage is one of the most essential factors of human life. It creates the basis for everyone to pursue a better, healthier, and happier life. However, it is the fact that there are more and more couples marrying and then ending up with divorce, and this rate is increasing faster year by year. Actually, all the divorce cases are originated from some of the forms of emotional illness that gradually appear in each partner during the time of their relationship. It is good to cure these forms of emotional illness to solve the martial problems of the specific patients. However; it is absolutely the best when the original points are studied and determined before they become the serious and fatal clues to damage marriage. What I am talking about here is the prevention efforts to be applied to the time period before couples marry, not after. I also present my Prevention Plan containing the ideas, of preventing any chances that can cause divorce, for pre-marital couples. This is the ultimate result of the combination of my total knowledge about marriage and the practical philosophy of Primary Prevention material.

It is true that relationship before marriage plays an important role in coupled life ahead; it also builds the foundation for the good, healthy, and happy marriage. However, it is completely wrong saying that dating works effectively to screen out future divorces, particularly those that occur early in marriage. Actually, dating does not have anything to do with the separation of married couples. The point here is that dating and marriage are different. Of course dating is important to lead to marriage. However, dating is a step to get two people closer and to see if they are for each other, and marriage is a commitment with full of incidents and probabilities. Loving someone, committing to him/her, and living together for the rest of your life are totally different. This illustrates well for the divorces happening early in marriage. Many troublesome things happen when marriage life starts out. Things change dramatically, and the couples have to work through themselves or asking for professional help or divorces is the consequence. Another reason to say that dating is nothing to do with future divorces is that dating not working out leads to break-up right after that. People do not wait until they get into marriage, and then regret for what happen and say goodbye to each other. It does not work this way. Really, problems can appear during the dating; couples tend to learn how to overcome it (just like married ones); however, if they cannot find the same solution for this problem, break-up is easy to be brought up right away. Separation in dating is a lot simpler and easier than marriage. No such couples resist each other’s problems until they get married.

As what I said previously, my Prevention Plan, which I will introduce to you, is built upon my martial knowledge and the information from Primary Prevention material. So what is Primary Prevention? It is actually a distinct level from the three-tier model, which is pretty much similar to the main Prevention model, containing Primary Prevention, Secondary Prevention, and Tertiary Prevention. Secondary Prevention (treatment activities) is about trying to decrease the length of time an individual or family experiences an emotionally distressful situation; Tertiary Prevention (rehabilitation activities) is about preventing the recurrence of a debilitating problem and to restore as high as possible the level of individual and family reorganization. Like the other two, Primary Prevention, considered as a hybrid form originated from Prevention, has its own characteristics and techniques, which are about aiming to reduce the incidence of new cases of mental disorder in the population by fighting against harmful forces which operate in the community and by...
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