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Prevention of Drugs

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prevention of drugs :
Everyone has to make decisions in life, some harder than others. But, to prevent drug use you have to think it through and make the right choise for yourself. If you can make good decisions and practice ways to say no, your chances of preventing drug use are higher than most. Contemplating how your choices will affect your goals in life is a great way to decide not to do drugs or give into peer pressure.

before someone asks you to do drugs, if they ever do, you can figure out your decision by stating the situation and listing all your options. Next, weigh the possible outcomes and consider your values. Then, make your decision and reevaluate it. You should think about the consequences of your choices and actions and how they will affect your life.

Another good way to prevent drug use is to stay confident and don't back down. You could just simply say "no" in a firm voice. If they still will not accept your decision, you should leave the conversation. Do not put yourself in a situation where you feel pressured at any time to do something you are uncomfortable with. It is very important to be confident in your decisions.

In order to succeed in life, it is important to stay away from drugs. Everyone must set goals in life, whether they are simple goals like cleaning your room, or tougher goals like graduating from college. you need a period after graduating college. If someone offers you drugs, step back and consider how it may affect your life. It could prevent you from attaining important goals like graduating.

In conclusion, there are many different strategies to abstain from using drugs. Making good decisions and considering your goals and aspirations are just a couple ways to dissuade yourself from drug use. Make the right decision. Stay away from drugs

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