Prevention from Overfishing in Oceans

Topics: Overfishing, Coral reef, Fish Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: April 30, 2011
How Can Overfishing of Our Oceans Be Prevented?
Oceans cover much of the world. They contain many fish that are the primary diets for many nations. The ocean ecosystem is vital to all life. For a long time, it was believed that there was no end to the amount of fish in the ocean. It was thought there was endless supply. That belief has changed and our oceans are being overfished to the point that some fish species have collapsed and many more are in danger. Overfishing is not just endangering the fish that live in the ocean, but it negatively affects the whole ecosystem. (

Overfishing is an amount of fish than cannot sustain itself. (Fisheries and Oceans of Canada, 2009). Overfishing reduces the fish that are available for consumption all over the world. For many countries, this can be disastrous as fish is a main food for them. It creates the loss of food for other species in the ocean as well. Overfishing has caused destruction to estuaries and coral reefs. The Chesapeake Bay has experienced a devastating loss of its oysters, which balance out oxygen-producing algae. It has just 1% of the oysters it once had due to overfishing. ( Our reefs are being destroyed by dynamite fishing and spearfishing. Overfishing of the necessary fish (herbivores) that eat algae on the reefs is now a threat to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. (

Technology has contributed heavily to the overfishing problem. It has created large, sustainable fishing ships with high-tech sonar and radar technology for locating fish. New and better made nets and trawls are now used to trap fish and processing and freezing of the caught fish can be done while still out on the ship in the ocean is possible. . (Fisheries and Oceans of Canada, 2009). These modern nets tend to trap everything, including smaller fish or animals that the crew does not want, resulting in fish bycatch. Due to high human demand for seafood, crews have...
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