Preventing Workplace Discrimination

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Preventing Workplace Discrimination

By | May 2008
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The simulation mentioned an employee with a drug problem but did not go into a scenario about it. Drug abuse problems can become a big problem in a company setting. To eliminate hiring someone with drug problem, the company should give all new hires a drug test and include random drug screening into their employee handbook. This way the employee knows that they can be tested at any time and will not be able to claim discrimination they are tested positive and are fired from it. Companies should have a zero tolerance on drug use, if an employee is suspected of being on drugs, they should be tested and let go if it is an illegal. If an employee is addicted to a prescription drug, the company should work the employer on getting help with the problem. If the employee does not want to be helped or that problem continues after he has been helped, then the employer should be written up and eventually fired if it continues.

Individuals with a legit disability should have the same rights as any other individual in the workforce. First thing companies should do is train their HR department, managers, and anyone in a supervisor position about disabilities even if they don’t have a disabled employee. It should be an annual training seminar and should reference the American Disability Act, that way they’ll be prepared when and if they ever hiring someone with a disability. Once they do hire a disabled employee, there should be additional training on the type of disability the person has and that person should be included in the training and discuss it. A company should also take the steps to accommodate that employee while he is at work; these accommodations should be within a reasonable demand and should not interfere with other employees at the office. The simulation had a scenario where one of the employees was in a wheelchair, this disability did not affect him being hired and the company did not hire him because they thought they had too. The position...

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