Preventing Sex Crimes

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  • Published: November 20, 2012
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Prevention of Sex Related Crimes Against Women


I. Primary prevention & health promotion

A. Why is it important to nursing

Π. Sex crimes against women is an ever increasing problem.

A. Rape an increasing problem

B. High risk potential victims of rape

C. Drugs used for date rape

D. Psychiatric patients

IΠ. Various resources are available for primary prevention

A. Possible locations for preventive programs to reach target population

B. Different types of preventive programs

IV. Rape prevention conclusion

Prevention of Sex Related Crimes Against Women
Health promotion is a type of healthcare service meant to help patients remain healthy by preventing the onset of diseases, lowering the possibility of injuries, and promoting a healthier lifestyle. This service is based on the assumption that if patients participate actively and accept specific lifestyle changes, their chances of suffering from heart attacks, lung cancer, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and other related diseases significantly lowers. The program works as the bond of trust that develops between the healthcare provider and patient. The patient understands how their lifestyle choices affects health and well-being, and works with the healthcare provider to develop healthy habits. Patients benefit from participating in health promotion activities such as health education programs, exercise programs, health fairs, wellness programs at work and school, proper nutrition training, and learning the bases of balancing one’s life. One example of this promotional service is prenatal classes. Expectant mothers are taught good nutritional habits, which benefit both the mother and their baby during the gestational period and after birth. This course increase the likelihood of a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby. Another example of health promotion classes include aerobic exercise and...
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