Preventing School Violence

Topics: Crime, Violence, Bullying Pages: 3 (1141 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Preventing School Violence
Let’s take a look at the importance of violence in many cities of America. Did you know that difficult challenges have tackled law enforcement agencies, public school districts and community residents? In a brief presentation, Col. Harry Corbitt, who is a veteran of the NYS Police has described the extent of approaches used in Albany, NY to prevent school violence. Unfortunately, school violence goes beyond the extreme physical assaults. It also includes the everyday bullying and disrespect that can lead to violent outbursts or even suicide. Ira Baumgartner, an NCBI facilitator, has also explained how their program, Building a Caring School Environment, helps to recreate a safer school for students and teachers! According to Col. Harry Corbitt, in the recent years school violence has been on the rise, many of which that are gang-related. Many of these actions are amongst our teens who are seeking acceptance, power, break poverty cycle, protection, excitement and recognition. These teens are even willing to rebel against systematic racism. The media is one source to blame for these actions. Social networks and music entice our teens into this lifestyle. Other teens were born in these gangs. It’s unbelievable that you have to experience a lot to get into a gang. Prospective members are willing to get beat in or go through a gang imitation such as killing innocent bystanders just to prove their loyalty. Our young females are joining gangs as well by being sexed in. It’s disturbing that teens have to jump these extra hurdles just to feel wanted in society. It’s dangerous and it sure isn’t easy to exit once you have been entered in. In order to exit, gang members need to be beat out, blood out or even killed. As said in the video, the easiest way to exit is to relocate. Changing your environment and mindset can be very effective in this situation. But, is it really that easy to relocate? Escaping this lifestyle just seems outrageous....
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