Preventing Drain Cover Theft

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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1.1 Introduction
Recently, we often hear cases of theft manhole made of steel. These thefts often occur because the steel is very valuable when sold. One of my neighbors asked if there are tools that can prevent theft drains. From there I got the idea to create an alarm that can prevent theft from stealing the drain cover becoming increasingly. We begin by examining the case drain theft either inside or outside the country. Too many cases that have occurred that resulted in significant losses to the government and local authorities. It is also inconvenient and dangerous to the people around the area of theft. This device should be able to alert the people in the house or people near the drain cover that can scared the theft if they try to steal the drain cover. If this happen, people will become more alert and know what happen to the drain cover. This can reduce cases of stealing and also will help local authorities from loss.

1.2 Purpose and Objective
The main objective of this project is :To prevent the drain cover from be stealing by the theft. To alert people around if anything happen to the drain cover.

The Drain Cover Alarm is simple devices that can alert people around if anything happen to the drain cover. The main purpose of this project is to prevent the theft steal the drain cover. Help people to become more alert and can prevent from the theft. Also can reduce the cases and the loss of property of public. There are too much losses have been reported about the stealing of the drain cover. We hope that this device should be able to reduce the amount of stealing cases from happen again.


1.3 Problem Statement
We have found some problem that may occurs our project : - Device should be wired or wireless - Using battery or electric - Device should be waterproof Wired or Wireless? There are pros and cons about using wired and wireless:Wired - Could be short circuit if exposed to water - Not to cost for buying the device Wireless - Not exposed to water - It would be costly if the wireless device is so expensive Battery of electric? Battery - Have a lifetime - Need to change if the battery is empty Electric - Unlimited Energy Supply - Could create short circuit Waterproof or not ? This device should be waterproof because the spot where we will put is a route of water so anything can happen like flood


1.4 Project Scope
Student 1 - Research about hardware that needs to be use - Understanding the electronics device. Student 2 - Research about hardware that needs to be use - Documentation and hardware/device design

1.5 Problem Solving
In this project, we create an alarm that will make public aware when the theft trying to open the drain cover

1.6 Limitations Of Project
- the alarm can be faulty if electric shock happen - the sound cannot be here if raining heavily


2.1 : Introduction
In this chapter, we will introduce and provide and understanding of our project that is drain cover alarm. It’s about developing and implementing the purpose. The theoretical concept about our project

2.2 Literature Review
Drain cover alarm is a project that reduces the drain thefts. Accident such as people fall in drain will not happen again. It’s a process when the switch is turn on; electric will flow and sent to the resistor. A resistor is a passive twoterminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. Then from the resistor the current will flow to transistor. A transistor regulates current or voltage flow and acts as a switch or gate for electronic signals. Then the current will send to the alarm and LED. The alarm will ringing and the LED will light to give warning to the people inside the house or near the drain area. Switch turn on Alarm ringing LED lighting People aware

Current flow to the resistor and transistor, then to the alarm and LED


Figure 1: Theoretical concept about...
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