Preventing Animal Endangerment

Topics: Endangered species, Endangered Species Act, World Wide Fund for Nature Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Summer Owens
Dr. Akens
Engl 1302
23 February 2013
Preventing Animal Endangerment
In August 2012, the World Wildlife Fund conducted a study and found that there were 5,689 animals endangered and 10,002 that were vulnerable to becoming endangered ( These numbers increase more and more every year. There are many motives that cause endangerment such as deforestation, poaching, and species introduction. Although people have created protection groups and funds to prevent endangerment, they are also one of the main reasons animals are at risk. There are also laws against most actions that humans take to harm animals. In 1973, an amendment was created call the endangered Species Act of 1973 to help protect animals more, but still today animals are more likely to become endangered. America should be educated more about animal endangerment and the government should be more forceful and protective over animals.

Three main reasons why animals are at risk are caused by humans. Deforestation, poaching, and species introduction are results in human actions. Deforestation is the decimation of trees on a massive scale. The reason these forests are removed is because someone, such as a company or businessman, has an idea to put a building in that spot. Companies want to put new buildings, stores, parks, or other attractions in the animals’ habitats. Sometimes people strip these lands away of their natural features for no reason. The idea is gone, the land is empty, and the animals are left with no homes because the company decided they did not want that land anymore. Another reason is because some people just enjoy the fact of destroying something beautiful. Vladimir Lenin, for example, would tear down forests just so he could put a train track going across that land. This transportation was not created as a shortcut or even to get to a certain destination; it was created so that he could admire the destruction he caused to the forests. Animals are...
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