Prevalence of Poverty and Insecurity Potentialities in North Western States of Nigeria: Perspectives and Challenges

Topics: Poverty, Security, Relative deprivation Pages: 10 (2996 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Prevalence of Poverty and Insecurity Potentialities in North Western States of Nigeria: Perspectives and Challenges


Being the Text of Paper Presented at the National Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution for Sustainable Unity in Nigeria, Multipurpose Conference Hall, HUK Polytechnic, Katsina. From 4th – 8th June 2012

Poverty has continued to be the most prevalent social problem in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Equally so is the rise in insecurity of frustration bent. Yet, it is incontestable that many efforts were made by successive governments in Nigeria to eradicate poverty, but most of the measures have been fraught with frustrations and failures. Against the above background, this paper discusses the contemporary rise and trends of insecurity, often with disastrous consequences. It behooves on the North Western states to map out an interstate strategy that would ensure effective capacity building for poverty eradication. Doing so, it concludes, will plow the insecurity (threats) situation in the states.

There is little doubt that Nigerians have reaped more deficits than dividends of poverty eradication programmes. In spite of the recorded economic growth in the country, the State demonstrates ineptness and impotence in bringing about social and infrastructural development. Thus, it can be innocuously argued that the State has failed to establish the institutional framework for the promotion, management, and maintenance of security and provision of public goods. The case of poverty in Nigeria is undoubtedly and unequivocally critical. This is due in part to the astronomical increase in the number of those afflicted by poverty. In other words, the poverty profile in the country is widespread and severe. By reason of historical happenings, the problem of poverty have been a long drawn issue in Nigeria, and has been acknowledged by successive governments, as demonstrated by the various policies and programmes initiated in order to eradicate poverty. Yet, most of these programmes and policies have been fraught with frustrations and failures. Thus, the paper examines the relationship between the prevalence of poverty and insecurity in Nigeria. The question to ask then is; to what extent does poverty necessitate rising waves of insecurity and terror potentialities in the North Western states of Nigeria? To achieve this, the paper has been divided in to sections, following this introduction, is conceptual clarification, profile of poverty in Nigeria, poverty and insecurity: a correlate and finally conclusions.

Clarifying the concepts
In light of the points raised in the abstract, it becomes pertinent to clarify the concepts used in this paper. The following thus provides a compass for the meaning of some of the terms that appear in the discussion that follows. Poverty:

Attempts to define poverty must contend with difficulties in respect to variations in view points. According to Akintola and Yusuff (2001), poverty depicts a social condition, which is characterized by inadequate access to basic human needs (food and non-food) to the sustenance of socially acceptable minimum standard of living in a given society. Adam Smith contends that poverty is the inability to purchase necessities required by nature or customs. Perhaps, this is why Gilbert (1997) avers that ‘smith’s theory of moral sentiments argues that poverty was a cause of shame, social exclusion and psychic unrest, rather than an economic condition’. Oyejide (1993), defines poverty as the inability of an individual or section of the society to attain a specified minimum standard of living. Hence, poverty is seen as pronounced deprivation in well being....
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