Pretty Things: Charley and the Revolver

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Pretty Things Essay
By: Andre Corvil

To Charley, almost everything he saw when he returned home was pretty. The girls, the flowers, even the dew on a leaf. But the prettiest thing of all was the .38 caliber Revolver that glistened in the sun. Why would this revolver be so pretty?

As Charley describes his revolver, it is magnificent. “The shine, free of rust, It glistened in the sun it was as shiny as Charley described it. But why would a gun be so important to Charley. To Charley it wasn’t just a gun it was a memory.

In the revolutionary war, only the confederate soldiers carried revolvers. Everyone wanted one. Therefore to receive one you had to kill a confederate soldier. What made this so special to Charley was the fact that he had a good memory of the war. Killing that Confederate and retrieving a revolver was an accomplishment to be proud of. Although Charley didn’t make it out of the war unharmed he still had one piece of greatness to hold by him. But, the revolver is just a gun how can it be pretty and what would it do for Charley.

The revolver, yes it was just a gun, but it was a Confederates gun. This made the gun so pretty in Charley’s eyes. It also gave Charley a great memory of triumph. And it wasn’t just about the gun; it’s what the gun stood for. The Union soldiers had beaten the Confederates. That’s what made the gun so pretty, that’s what the revolver did for Charley.

In conclusion, I think Charley saw everything as pretty, but the revolver had its own definition of pretty that he could barely describe. Charley’s image of the pretty revolver was different in terms of what it meant to him. The gun didn’t just protect him, it gave him something much more valuable. The revolver was his keepsake and he would remember it for the rest of his life.
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