Pretty Girl - Short Story

Topics: Train, Train station, Fur Pages: 4 (1542 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Pretty Girl

Austin Grader
Year 11
2A/B English

“Come on Son, we’re going to Grandma’s now.” Called the voice of my mother from the bottom of the stairs. “Okay I’m just putting my shoe on,” I replied. I loved going to my Great Grandma’s home, especially in the winter because she would always wrap me in a blanket, sit me on her lap and tell me stories about when she was younger. She had a very large and lovely home, the house was filled with old photographs, and paintings that my Great Grandma had collected over the years. I could see Grandma sitting on the porch wrapped in her big fur coat, with a scarf and beanie, holding Jeremy her beloved companion and pet cat on her lap. She would always be waiting for us no matter what the weather was like. She greeted us with a warm smile and a big hug, then ushered us through the front door. After we had settled down for a while I began to wander around her home. I started to have a look at all the paintings, photographs, and little knick knacks on the walls, when I came across a photo of a young woman, I picked it up to have a closer look. She was quite pretty and looked very happy in the photo. I turned the picture over to see partially faded handwriting on the back, it read, “19th Birthday, 1937.” I decided to take it back to my Grandma and ask her who this was. “Well my boy, that was me on my 19 birthday, she exclaimed.” She looked at me sadly, then looked at the photograph. “I used to be a pretty girl.” This was something I heard often, but I never knew why

I decided to ask her some questions. “Grandma, in this photo you do not have your scar, and your nose is in a different shape. You said that you used to be a pretty girl, What happened?” “Oh you want to hear the story of how I got this beak, she replied with a smile.” I giggled a little bit, but I knew whatever she was about to tell me was not going to be a delightful story. She then said, “Well I’m going to tell you a story about a young woman, who was...
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