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Topics: McDonald's, Pret A Manger, Scientific method Pages: 3 (617 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Marketing and Operations Management – BUSI11004 2012/13
Group Assignment

Additional Guidance Notes – To be read in conjunction with the Assignment Brief posted on the NOW system.

The general feedback from the formative presentations was very positive however there were concerns that some students were focusing on marketing rather than operations management. It is important to draw on the operations theory used in the lectures and seminars to support your assignment as well as the additional reading set throughout the module. Wider relevant reading may also be referred to.

In completing this case assignment your team should draw on information within the McDonalds and Pret A Manger cases rather than wider personal experience of these organisations.

The following guidelines (in red) have been developed to support your understanding of the assignment. These are suggestions rather than instructions and should be expanded upon to fully meet the brief. Please ensure you look at the assignment marking grid on NOW to fully understand what we are looking for in the assignment.

Body of the report

1. Apply 4 V’s model from Slack et al (2011) to the McDonalds case study when delivering their original menu. Discuss how these four dimensions may have influenced their original operations practice. Include within your discussion the following: i. process

ii. layout
iii. control
iv. quality
v. inventory
(approx.900 words)

The 4 Vs model from Slack et al (2011) is key to your analysis. What is the 4Vs profile of the original menu?

* In your discussions refer back to the 4 V’s and use other models/theory to support your discussions. In your discussions refer back to the 4 V’s and use other models/theory to support your discussions. Process –What is the nature of the process and why has it been chosen? * Layout –ensure you consider the models and theory from the lecture * Control...
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