Pressure Vessel Components

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Pressure Vessel Components
Massive Capacities. Innovative Technologies.

Our Vision
Edmonton Exchanger’s vision is to consistently meet and
exceed the expectations of our customers by providing top
quality, custom fabricated steel products in a safe and timely manner. We endeavor to continually increase our production
capacities and capabilities through innovative use of leading edge engineering, planning and production technologies.

Overview of Services
Pressure Vessel Components
Edmonton Exchanger features a wide range of
products and services for applications in various
industries including oil and gas, petrochemical
and power generation.
We offer the most extensive one-stop head forming and shell rolling capabilities in North America, and one of the largest inventories of SA 516-70 N
steel plate in the world.
We specialize in the fabrication of large-scale
pressure vessel components and feature some of
the largest steel forming capacities available.
Our steel plate forming capabilities range up to 8”
in thickness for pressure vessel heads and shells.
Heads are formed up to 28’-6” in diameter and
shells up to 144” in length.

Head Forming Types for Pressure
Vessels and Tanks
_ Semi-Elliptical 2:1
_ Hemispherical
_ Torispherical Flanged and Dished
_ Flanged Only and Dished Only
Steel Plate Rolling
_ Shells for Pressure Vessels and Tanks
_ Eccentric and Concentric Cones
_ Rolled Repads
_ Rolled Rings for machining applications
_ Custom Rolling

Overview of Services
Profile Cutting
_ Available for almost any pattern or shape
imaginable from plate up to 17’-0” x 40’-0” in
size (5,182 mm x 12,192 mm).

Additional Services
CNC Machining for Heat Exchanger Tube
Sheet Drilling Applications
_ Table-size drilling capacity of 200” x 120” x 30”
(5,080 mm x 3,048 mm x 762 mm), and up to
17” (431.80 mm) thick.
Large-scale Machining
_ Vertical and horizontal milling machines available, with the largest vertical machine featuring material handling capacities of up to 24’-0” in
diameter x 10’-0” high (7,315 mm x 3,048 mm).
Our horizontal mill handles material up to 13’-0”
high x 30’-0” long (3,962 mm x 9,144 mm).
Field Services
_ Provide on-site plant maintenance services for
the petrochemical industry, fertilizer plants and
refineries. Our services range from portable field
machining and controlled bolting, to complete
turn-key plant and refinery shutdown projects.
Heat Exchanger Services
_ Manufacturing, repair and refurbish any size
and type of heat exchangers. We are supported
by a diverse inventory of materials and heat
exchanger equipment that enables us to quickly
adapt to specialized customer requirements.

Head Forming
Hot Pressed Heads
We are able to hot press heads up to 192” (4,877
mm) I.D. and up to 8” (203.20 mm) thick with
our 1,200 ton and 3,000 ton head presses. Each
press was custom designed and constructed by
Edmonton Exchanger.

Semi-Elliptical Heads: from 8⅝” (219 mm)
O.D. to 192” (4,877 mm) I.D.
ASME Code Flanged and Dished Heads: from
48” (1,219 mm) I.D. to 96” (2,438 mm) I.D.
Hemispherical Heads: from 8⅝” (219 mm)
O.D. to 144” (3,658 mm) I.D.
Flanged Only Heads: from 31” (787 mm) O.D.
to 76” (1,930 mm) I.D. (various dies available,
can custom build dies for a specific size)
Dished Only Heads: from 10” (254 mm) O.D.
to 120” (3,048 mm) O.D.

A section of a die on the 3,000 ton head press (above), spinning of a large stainless steel head (below).

Typically, carbon steel heads are hot formed at
1,650°F (899°C). Stainless steel heads are hot
formed at approximately 1,900°F (1,038°C).
Chromium molybdenum steel heads are usually
hot formed at 1,650°F (899°C) and tempered at
1,350°F (732°C).
Clad heads are formed at temperatures suitable
to the material. Various forming temperature
requirements and additional heat treatments can
be accommodated upon request.

Head Forming
Dished and Spun Heads
Our dishing and...
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