Pressure Ulcers

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Pressure ulcers are a common problem in the acute care setting. Critically ill patients are at a high risk for the development of many types of wounds. It is the responsibility of the nurses to provide nursing care that prevents development of pressure ulcers. Certain patient risk factors such as, advanced age, underlying disease processes, and severities of illness are not modifiable, yet they directly increase a patient’s risk of wound development. Development of pressure ulcers cost hospitals additional money by increasing the patients’ length of stay the need for additional treatments to take care of the wound, and the potential for litigation. It also increases the patients’ risk of infection and mortality. Current literature recommends additional education and training days for nurses, recognizing that many nurses have not had any additional education and training since their graduation from a nursing program. Literature acknowledges that nurses have many barriers that inhibit their ability to provide excellent nursing care.

Evidence-Based Research on Pressure Ulcers in the Acute Care Setting Looking in evidence-based research for an effective strategy to decrease the spread of pressure ulcers is the primary objective for a medical unit that exceeds the national average and is the topic of this research discussion. Most pressure ulcers are preventable. This is an important challenge for nurses. Patients who suffer from complications such as, impaired skin integrity, impact a patient with discomfort, increased hospitalization, and may lead to sepsis. Findings and nursing practice changes identified from current literature. According to Moore and Price (2006), the incidence of pressure ulcers has not improved and with the surge of older patients, this will exacerbate the situation. Registered nurses working in the acute care facilities encounter many patients with pressure ulcers. Alteration in skin...
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