Pressure Put on Women

Topics: Marriage, Woman, Wife Pages: 3 (1204 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Vanessa Eplett
English 203
Research Paper
Pressure Put on Women
In My Year of Meats, by Ruth L. Ozeki, woman are shown feeling stressed and lacking confidence due to not being able to live up to pressures their society has placed on them. In all societies and cultures women are pressured to be, act and look a certain way. In different societies this pressure portrays in different ways and different notions of what it is like to live, look, and act ideally. Being beautiful is pressured on to woman in almost all societies. Getting married is also included as a pressure put on to women in most societies. Being fertile and producing offspring, in some cultures a certain gender of offspring, is also pressured on to women in many societies. The pressures that women are expected to live up are mostly impractical ideals portrayed by societies and cultures. These pressures were created by men, big corporations, as well as extreme overachieving woman in order to make the average woman feel lesser about themselves. With that lesser confidence women would then set out to do or buy what she “needs” in order to make herself ideal. That is until the next pressure arises. Human beauty is the unification of a number of essential features ranging from the shape of a figure, the color of the skin, to the way one speaks. These combined ideal features portray a feeling of pleasure to onlookers. The perception of beauty varies depending on which culture or society one belongs to. In most parts of America, it is seen as beautiful to be thin or have an hourglass figure, while in other societies, such as in Somali cultures, it is seen as beautiful to be curvy and voluptuous. While in Japan it is beautiful to have fair and unmarked skin, it is beautiful to be marked with tattoos in to culture of the Maori people. Beauty is learned by many outside sources such as through media, family, friends, and religion. Media portrays beauty through the television, internet,...
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