Pressure Groups in the Uk

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Pressure Groups in the UK
Fathers 4 Justice

Fathers 4 Justice was founded in the UK by Matt O'Connor, a marketing consultant and father. Following separation from his wife in 2000, O'Connor became a prominent critic of UK family law after a court barred him from seeing his young sons outside of a contact centre. Stunts have included supporters storming courts dressed in Father Christmas outfits, clapping the Government's ‘Children’s Minister’ in handcuffs, and most notably group member Jason Hatch climbing onto Buckingham Palace dressed as Batman. They have also protested by handcuffing two government ministers. Fathers 4 Justice founded branches in the Netherlands and Canada in 2004, and in the USA and Italy during 2005, and in Germany during December 2006. On 19 February 2009 Jamil Jabr, president of F4J and Families 4 Justice USA, resigned. Fathers 4 Justice Directors unanimously voted long-time member and activist Donald Tenn to the position of President and Secretary. The Greek Professor Nicolas Spitalas formed the Fathers 4 Justice in Greece who between 2004 and 2009 provoked many activities and demonstrations in Greece.

Aims and purpose of Group:
Fathers 4 Justice stated aim is to champion the cause of equal parenting, family law reform and equal contact for divorced parents with children. It is well-known for its campaigning techniques of dramatic protest stunts, usually dressed as comic book superheroes and frequently scaling public buildings, bridges and monuments. There are two key stated aims of the movement. The first is that something should be done "to enforce the will of Parliament", i.e. enforce existing law, with respect to father's rights. The relevant Act of Parliament is The Children Act of 1989 which states that the welfare of a child [with divorced parents] is paramount and that the welfare "is best served by maintaining as a good relationship with both parents as possible". The Fathers 4 Justice group says that in...
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