Pressing Problems

Topics: Pollution, Traffic, Air pollution Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: July 24, 2012
Nowadays, every country is facing a lot of pressing problems in their society to worry about it. Our country is also the same. The pressing problems mean the problems that calling an immediate attention to solve. The pressing problems that faced by Malaysia is accident, vandalism, unemployment, pollution and education. Now we can see that the pressing problems that our country facing is more and more serious. Therefore, I feel that we should actively look for a solution to overcome the pressing problems before the pressing problems deteriorate. It may make the citizens in our country panic and influence our country’s future development. In the daily newspapers, we often see such reports that are accident because accidents are inevitable happened, it will happen anytime and anywhere. Many people have complained of traffic laws is really annoying and irritating about it, but how many people know the traffic laws is not just a piece of paper a simple text. Non-compliance with traffic rules and speeding on the road is the main reason leading to the accident. Many of them did not obey to the traffic rules and the speed limit given, some of them are having a stubborn attitude while on the road. Road in poor condition or lack of road safety measures, drive after had contain alcohol drinks, answer phone call or did not give a clear signal also being a reason.

Besides accident, unemployment also consider as a pressing problems. The unemployment rates are increasing year by year till the serious condition. Nowadays our country faces the problems of many graduated students cannot get proper jobs even given many opportunities and it is related to the type of work they preferred to choose the field on the work that they like only and they no apply for jobs although many chances are given. Our country economy is in turmoil in addition the youth who lack of thinking skills, analyze things, communicate in other languages, and to interact...
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