Pressing Problem

Topics: Pollution, Automobile, Environmentalism Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Elaborate most pressing problems in our country. How could overcome. Nowadays, in our country there are many pressing problem in our society, everyone has their own pressing problems to worry about it. Pressing problem that we needed to face was such as, accident, house breaking, unemployment, pollution, financial and vandalism. We should overcome the pressing problem before the problem became more serious and make people more panic about those pressing problem. Accident was the problem that facing by most people, accident happens unexpectedly without a deliberate plan or cause, it may happens when a people driving thoughtless and when driving with the reckless attitude. On the raining day, the road will became more slippery and it will more easy to cause a car get out of control. Drunk driving, answer phone, did not give clear signal before make a turn and the tires trend was thinner also easier to happen an accident. Braking system failure also will cause accident especially when the car was move too speedy and some of the driver does not like to follow the rules of road, they do not tie the belt when they are drive. To avoid the accident happen, driver must be drive more carefully rather than reckless driving and also should be courteous. As a car driver, we should always ensure that the car always in good condition so that we need to do the car inspection regularly. Braking system act as a very important role for a transport, if the breaking system failure at the emergency time, it is too late to avoid it, so we need to ensure that our car is in the good condition. Driver follow the laws such as ties the belt when driving, it will help to reduce the rate of accident.

Next pressing problem was the pollution in our countries; there were many types of pollution in our country, such as water pollution, air pollution and sound pollution. Water pollution was cause by the people who irresponsible to our country, they poured the waste into the...
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