Press Release: Important and Effective Form of Communication

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  • Published : August 23, 2010
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Press Release:
The press release is one of the most effective ways to communicate with the customers. Through press release we can gain publicity and credibility. It can be thought of as an advertisement. The credibility can be won if our statement is appeared in trusted and trustworthy information resources. Many research show that people trust more opinions of independent mass media and their representatives such as editors, journalists and radio commentators than the statements of salesmen and advertisement specialists. Our company can communicate with press by using press release service issued to mass media representatives. Press release services are one of the most effective means to gain the attention both of the public and press. Publicity is nowadays widely considered in company’s budgets to enhance profits. Reaching our customers is one of the most essential, and intricate process for promoting tourism in New Zealand.Will use use online press release on websites, as it will offer free of cost or low-cost PR options. With online press release we can simply reach the targeted online community. Importance of Press Release:

1.Increase brand name recognition in the market.
2.Gives the public a better understanding about what we do and what we have to offer. 3.Gain free visibility. There is no charge for press releases if we write them ourselfs. 4.It can help promote our mission. The more people who know our mission, the more chances of supporting it.

Search engines are the market makers of the Internet. It builds brand awareness as a part of tourism marketing strategy and also increases web traffic to the tourism website. Through search engine ads tourists can connect wih us and find exactly what they want and when they want.. Therefore, search engine visibility of our website is very important in bringing traffic and building brand recognition online. Advantages of online tourism domain in search engines:

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