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Gerald Ford Drive

1) What number president of the U.S. was Gerald Ford?
Answer= 38th

2) Who shot at president Gerald Ford in San Francisco?
Answer= Sara Jane Moore

3) President Gerald Ford was the only president to never get elected to what? Answer= Any higher office than the U.S Congress

4) What was Gerald Ford’s religion?
Answer= Episcopalian

Fun Fact-
President Gerald Ford received a football contract from the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, but declined both offers

Harry Truman Boulevard

1) Harry Truman became president after who died?
Answer= President Roosevelt

2) Which war was going on when Harry Truman became president? Answer= WWII

3) When did President Harry Truman die?
Answer= December 26, 1972

4) What number President was Harry Truman?
Answer= 33rd President

Fun Fact-
Harry Truman only served 82 days of his Vice Presidential Term before becoming President

The White House

1) Where is the White House located?
Answer= Washington D.C.

2) What year was the White House construction started?
Answer= 1792

3) What president was the first to live in the White House?
Answer= John Adams

4) How many rooms are in the White House?
Answer= 132

Fun Fact-
The White House receives about 6,000 visitors a day

James Carter Avenue

1) What year did James Carter became president?
Answer= 1977

2) How many terms was James Carter elected?
Answer= 1 term

3) What was his wife’s name?
Answer= Eleanor Smith

4) When was James Carter born?
Answer= October 1, 1924

Fun Fact-
James Carter was the first U.S president born in a hospital

William Taft Way

1) What college did William Taft graduate from?
Answer= Yale University

2) What political party was William Taft part of at beginning of presidency? Answer= Republican party

3) What year did William Taft become president?
Answer= 1909

4) What political party did William Taft switch to in 1912?
Answer= Progressives

Fun Fact-...
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