Presidents Powers over Polcy

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Phase 2 Individual Project
Jessie Montgomery
April 23, 2012

In my presentation I will be discussing the Presidents powers and policies that allow the President to influence and implement public policy and describe how if any these powers have evolved over time. I will also be providing examples of public policies that have been made by the President and the purpose of these policies and if they were the result of a major event.

The President has several powers that allow him to influence and implement various public policies that affect the country. One of the powers of the President is that he has the ability to the formulation of foreign policy. An example of foreign policy is the ability to rebalance the Afghanistan strategy with greater emphasis on political and diplomatic progress. Almost ten years ago the U.S. suffered an attack on its shores that was compared to Pearl Harbor and this attack was planned by a terrorist group called al Qaeda.

After sustaining this attack the President stepped up his efforts in trying to break up the al Qaeda, because there was a chance they could regroup and take over large parts of Afghanistan and this was something the president could not allow. With the Presidents military advisors counsel he ordered an extra thirty-thousand troops to Afghanistan to help with the ratification of the al Qaeda and the Taliban. This is one of the Presidents ways of reacting to a conflict without declaring war by sending troops to a conflict without approval of the House.

The President also has the ability to provide humanitarian aid and help protect people of a foreign country who are being oppressed by their governments. In the case of Libya and the oppression of its people by Muammar Qaddafi and the attacks he has ordered and carried out on his people and the murder of Americans by Libyan agents. The President ordered warships to the Mediterranean with European allies willing to commit resources in sight of...
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