Presidents and Dictators Discursive Essay

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Presidents and Dictators

Nations are run in several different ways by different versions of leaders throughout the world; two of which are dictators and elected presidents. Dictators and elected presidents have their strengths when it comes to running a country, and both can be considered advantages by the respective countries they lead.

Dictators are known for being able to successfully carry out tasks and decisions quickly and efficiently because they acted individually. For example, Alfredo Stroessner of Paraguay was able to increase the wealth of his country by building the worlds largest hydro-electric power plant and exporting energy to other countries. Since his decisions went unopposed by anyone, he was able to have the dam built quickly, almost immediately after his decree for it to be built was made. Another situation in which a dictator was able to act as an individual was when Ferdinand Marcos had more roads and government buildings built than any other past leader of the Philippines. This was only possible because he had no one to oppose his ideas so he could have things built fast. These two great leaders were very effective at getting things done efficiently.

Dictators are also a good head of state because they can easily maintain peace and control within the country they rule; this is because of the military. For example, Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran made sure to keep the military and police force on his side so he was able to keep complete control over his people. This prevented riots and protests from happening, creating a very peaceful time. Furthermore, Alfredo Stroessner was also a dictator who created long periods of peace all over Paraguay by use of the military. Storessner made laws and regulations that the military backed up to keep the people of his country from doing anything unruly that would upset the order of the community. These dictators are great examples of how this type of leadership can maintain peace easily....
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