Presidential vs Parliamentary

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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A presidential government is better than a parliamentary government. In a presidential government the people are given the option to elect for the legislative and executive branch and in a parliamentary government the people can only pick the legislature (Parliament) while the Parliament chooses the executive (Prime Minister). In both governments they are chosen by the people; however the parliamentary government confines its people to being (indirect) represented in choosing the Prime Minister. In a way the Prime Minister is pressured to choose his cabinet based on whether or not the Parliament will contradict him because they could overthrow him. The Chief Executive in a presidential government is not tied to the Legislature like a Prime Minister is, so the President is free to choose whomever he wants. A government that is managed by its people (presidential government) is better than a government that limits the participation/power of its people (parliamentary government). There is better representation of the people in a presidential government. There is equal representation of the people in a presidential government and in a parliamentary government the chosen Parliament has more power than the people. For example in the British Parliament no individual had the power to contradict whatever the King or Queen said. The King or Queen is chosen not by vote but by family. Since Queen Elizabeth has the throne at the moment the next in line would be her son, Charles, and if Charles dies it would be his son, Prince William. The British Parliament validates that the people has no say in the government and so the government was forced upon its people. Yes the King and Queen were “elected” before however the past decades it’s been their royal family who’s been in power; they can be overthrown but it is unlikely. In the United States, a presidential government is in use; here there is equal power in the government. The people choose the legislative and executive...
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