Presidential Speech

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Mr. Willis, Miss. Gidden, Mrs. Sullivan, Teachers', Students and our faculty staff on behalf of the student council body Good morning, my name is Richard McKenzie. On a serious note I am here to talk about why I want to be Student council president, how we can bring many creative ideas to help better the school life of our students, because remember they say that school is your home away from home. If so then it should be as calm, relaxing and comfortable as possible. The Student council is a way for students to have representation in schools; it gives a chance for us as students to make our own decisions on what is best for us. Who else is going to know what is best for us, the teachers have said it themselves; yes they're going to be there for us but can a teacher be ever present in a student's life to know what's wrong, no its up to us to look out for one another. So the question must be asked what is a leader. A leader is a person who has a vision, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen, a leader is the person who commands a group, organization at the most basic level, a leader is someone who leads other. But what makes someone a leader? Their intelligence, yes, their strong will and attitude to lead, yes but what makes a leader, what makes a leader is their ability to speak. This is the best tool a leader can have, if the leader cannot speak his views or the views of the people how he can be called a leader, he cannot. As I stand here before you I promise to speak my views and more importantly your views on how to make your school experience better. Any problem you may have, I will listen, any request you may have no matter how small, I will bring it to the Council meetings and discuss and debate for you. I will be the true definition of a child advocate.

Since my time is limited, I will only outline two problems faced in the school; through extensive interviews with my fellow peers, teachers and faculty...
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