Presidential Essays from 1 Through 44

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Max Sweebe
American History
George Washington

George Washington was born in Febuary 2nd 1732 into a Virginia family of planters where he was taught the manners morals, and knowledge required for a 18th century man. He pursued to main interests military arts and western expansion. At 16 Washington helped survey the Shenandoah Lands for Lord FairFax who was a English Baron who owned vast amounts of farmland in Virginia, working for Lord FairFax helped him learn many valuable things about surveying land. These skills helped him later with his large estate at Mount Vernon. Washington was commissioned a Lieutenant Colonel in Virginia's militia where he fought the first battles of the French and Indian war. This war taught him the skills that were needed to be a great leader that he used when he fought in the American Revolution.

George washington was elected the first president under the constitution in 1789 unanimously by 69 representatives. He was the only president to get 100% of the electoral college votes. He was offered a 25,000 yearly salary as president which he at first refused then accepted so it wouldn’t be perceived that being president was restricted to the wealthy and powerful people. Washington was not a member of  a political party in hope that none would be formed fearing any conflict that would undermine republicanism. He was re elected in 1792 and then retired in 1796 with his farewell address.

Washington left a legacy behind after his presidency and death which includes being a successful leader for the fight for independence, he was the first to sign the Constitution, also being the first president of the united states, he was the first person to elect a cabinet which consisted of 4 people, and lastly he elected the first 10 judges of the supreme court. After his presidency he returned to his estate at Mount Vernon with a profound sense of relief. He devoted most of his time to his plantation and his other business interests including his distillery which produced the first batch of alcohol in the U.S in 1797. George Washington died on December 14th 1799   at age 67.

John Adams our 2nd president.

John Adams was born on October 30th 1735  in Massachusetts. He was born into a family of farmers whose father also was the deacon in their local New England village.  He made his living as a farmer and shoemaker in Braintree. He loved the outdoors he often skipped school to go fishing and hunting. Later in life he became a lawyer, a diplomat, statesman, and a leader of independence from great Britain. He was very influential in the beginning of the american revolution, he convinced thomas jefferson the draft the declaration of independence and was one of the main people who was responsible for obtaining the truce between the colonies and Great Britain.

John Adams was elected president in 1797 and remained president until 1801. Adams followed in President Washington's footsteps in making the presidency a show of republican values, also he kept the same cabinet of George Washington. He strengthened the central government by expanding the army and navy. He also was involved in the Quasi War with France which resulted in the disentanglement with European Affairs that Washington had sought. Which like many conflicts had a large psychological effect on the americans knowing that they could hold their own against a European power.Though he aligned himself with the Federalists he was more of his own party. Though often described as prickly his independence meant that he made good decisions in the face of almost universal hostility. It was his decision to push for peace with france rather than continue hostility, which in turn hurt his popularity causing him not to get reelected.

John Adams had a big impact during his short presidency. Which due to his aloofness that did not cause him to be re elected in the 1800’s. He was right not expanding naval war with France after they gained America gained it’s...
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