Presidential Election Speech

Topics: United States, President of the United States, Iraq War Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: April 7, 2009
John Edwards Presidential Election Speech

On September 27, 2007 John Edwards gave a Presidential speech dialogue using not only television, but also an interactive website called John gave his speech at the university in New Hampshire. The college students from the university were allowed to ask questions, and there were also people using the online website that were asking questions as well. John gave a very persuasive, but very interesting speech. He covered every single topic that was brought up during the speech. The speech covered issues like the war in Iraq, universal healthcare, social security, college available for everyone, etc. Normally the Presidential speeches are very boring and I normally change the channel. However, the speech that was given kept me glued to the TV at all times. John kept the audience going the entire time without getting off subject. I have noticed in past Presidential speeches that it is very common to get off subject or just avoid the subject all together. It is very important for a Presidential candidate to stay focused on the main objective, which is to persuade the audience into electing him or her. One of the main focuses that were brought up was of course the war on Iraq. Even though half of the American people were all for sending our troops to Iraq to stop terrorism, now the American people want our troops to come home. So how exactly does John plan to bring home our troops when our current President states that America cannot afford to bring home the troops? First John states that not all the troops will be coming home. He wanted everyone to know right off hand that unfortunately there is no real way to bring everyone home. However, he also wanted to let the people know that there is no real reason why we still have combat soldiers in Iraq. Combat soldiers are there for one thing and one thing only, war. War is not the only reason why there are troops in Iraq. There are terrorism...
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