Presidential Debates 2012

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  • Published: February 11, 2013
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Presidential debates 2012

On October 3rd 2012 governor Romney and President Obama met for the first debates. The topics focus on domestic policy. The overall impression of President Obama was that he looked tired and bored. Governor Romney started off very aggressively by looking back at President Obama's last four years and criticized what has happened to the middle class. Romney said that the middle class has been "crushed". He then questioned how the president could spend so much time and money on Obama care when neglect at the same time 23 million people that are unemployed. When Obama was being attacked he was smiling like he was prepared for the attack and was ready to defend himself. However most of the time Obama's comebacks were rather weak and the only strong moments of the Obama campaigns was when he directly faced the camera and addressed the voters and questioned why Romney would change Obama care and keep his health care a secret "only because his health care was too good"? At some points both President Obama and Governor Romney had their moments with moderator Jim Lehrer when he tried to cut them off before they could finish their thought. The first debate also included a lot of domestic policy details such as numbers. Romney does not want to have a tax cut of 5 trillion dollars.

Overall Romney looked more convincing because he has mentioned a few times that his bottom lines is to get the job done. He doesn't care if it is with the help of democrats or republicans. Romney's thought process was to me easier to understand. You could see why he would raise a question and put president Obama on the spot the way Obama handled certain things for the past 4 years. I feel like the way Obama has presented his ideas were sometimes too much information and too unorganized. I think that Romney won the first Presidential debate because he made more sense and his arguments were well organized and timed better. Both ended by presenting their plans for the next four years. Obama said he would fight just as hard for America. Romney said he doesn't like the turn America has taken and he will do his best to take America to a different better direction. Most of the time President Obama was on defense which overall makes it seem like Romney had the upper hand throughout the debate.

On October 11th Vice president Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan met for on national TV. The discussion was about both foreign and domestic topics. A wide range of topics were being discussed. Libya, the economy, abortion and health care were the major topics of that night. Both sides thought they won the debate and in my opinion it was a much closer call as the first presidential debate. During the vice president Congressman Ryan pointed out slow response from the Obama administration to announce a terrorist threat. Vice president Biden wanted to be less passive during this debate but it seemed for the most part that he was also more on the defensive side during most of the time. However he did bring the Obama campaign back in the race after what has happened at the first presidential debate. He defended Obama's policies and he seemed to have more connected with the audience and viewers. He was being more aggressive than President Obama the previous week, which made the Democrats pretty happy after the vice president debate. They have been nervous the last few weeks, since Governor Romney outshined President Obama in their first debate. Ryan stood his ground though and this is a much closer call but if there was a winner for this debate I would go with Vice president Joe Biden. Since it was only a vice presidential debate it didn't change anything major in the race overall.

The second and last presidential debate took place on October 16th between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Just like the first presidential debate it seemed like Governor Romney kept President Obama on defense and often times Obama was unclear of how he...
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