Presidential Candidate Contrast

Topics: United States, Mike Huckabee, Economy of the United States Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: May 8, 2012
As it always seems to be the primaries are a time when just about any subject comes to the surface, regardless if it happens to be surrounding previous political stances or what we see more often, future stances. The topics at hand sometimes vary depending upon whats happening in our section of the world or another but for the most part, we see quite a bit of the same topics being raised for debate time and time again.

During this time in the presidential election, we see many common concerns of people rising to the surface, jobs, women's rights, education, taxes and healthcare. With voting trends beginning change and a new generation of voters taking charge, there seems to be a bit more depth than in the previous years. New concerns are starting to show, which at times seems to make politicians nervous, perhaps due to their inability to reflect against prior candidate responses regarding previously unaddressed concerns.

Some of the new topics at hand are old ideas with a changing meaning, we see a rise in questions regarding gay marriage, debt limits, protesting rights, standardized testing, the out sourcing of jobs, interrogation methods, corporate bailouts, and credit in general. With these topics, we have seen a struggle and a definite unpredictability in reference to our future presidential election outcome.

Something interesting about this election and somewhat different then seen in prior years, is that we find the running to be Mitt Romney who has polled very high, and Ron Paul, who has been on the lower end of the spectrum. While both of these candidates side as republicans, sharing the same views or concepts, they do have entirely different means of perception regarding controversial topics.

Regarding gay marriage, you find that both Romney and Paul are essentially against the idea regarding their own personal beliefs, however, while Romney is quick to stand up and apply his personal ideas of being against gay marriage to everyone, Paul...
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