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President Roosevelt

By | November 2012
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, known to everyone by his initials, FDR, Theodore Roosevelt’s distant cousin, became the thirty second President of The United States of America from the year 1933 to 1945. He was a main figure in the greatest world events that took place in the mid twentieth century, taking the leadership role in the United States during a period of worldwide depression of economy and fierce war. He was a Democrat and among the few American presidents elected to serve for more than two terms, he ended up realigning American politics for years.

President Roosevelt, born on 30th January, 1882 in the Hudson Valley town of Hyde Park, New York City. His family was a wealthy one. His father, Mr. James Roosevelt, and his mother, Sara Ann Delano, were from extremely wealthy families residing in Old New York and were sixth cousins. Though they were of English decency, the great grandfather to Roosevelt was of a Dutch ancestry and Delano, his mother’s maiden name originated from a French Huguenot immigrant belonging to the seventeenth century. Their only child was Franklin.

Roosevelt was taught by home tutors until when he joined Groton School at the age of fourteen. He was indeed a hugely successful student and performed exemplarily at Harvard University and The Columbia Law Schools, after which he was admitted to the New York Bar in the year 1907. In the year 1905, despite resistance from her mother, Franklin got married to his cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt, with Eleanor’s uncle, Theodore Roosevelt standing in at the wedding for her deceased father Elliot. She took considerable interest in politics too and was a Democrat, just like her husband.

Eleanor, at the age of ten, had lost both her parents. The couple then moved into Springwood, the estate of his family, where his mother frequently visited the house. This home was under the ownership of Roosevelt’s mother until she died in 1941. In 1910, Roosevelt joined...

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