President Roles

Topics: Cold War, Harry S. Truman, World War II Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: April 28, 2008
The time that President serves, they have many obligations to fill. Some of these obligations include: Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Chief Executive, Chief Legislator, Chief of State, Head of Political Party, and Leader of the Free World. Among all the Presidents that America has had, there is no one to be able to explain these obligations better than Harry S. Truman.

Chief Diplomat
Truman’s presidency was eventful in foreign affairs, with the end of World War II and his decisions to use nuclear weapons in combat, the founding of the United Nations, the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe, the Truman Doctrine to contain communism, the beginning of the Cold War, the creation of NATO, and the Korean War.

One of Truman’s first major acts as president was dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. By doing so, he brought forth the surrender of Japan and the end of World War II.

Commander in Chief
Secretary of State under Truman-E.R Stettinius, Jr.
James F. Byrnes, 1945
George C. Marshall, 1947
Dean Acheson, 1949
North Atlantic Treaty- “By this treaty, we are not only seeking to establish freedom from aggression and from the use of force in the North Atlantic community, but we are also actively striving to promote and preserve peace throughout the world.”

Chief Executive
Vetoed International Security Act- required registration with the Attorney General of the American Communist Party and affiliated organizations.
Truman vetoes the Taft-Hartley Bill, also known as the Labor-Management Relations Act of 1947, on grounds that it is discriminatory against labor. The bill is passed by Congress over the veto on June 23

Chief of State
U.S. people made Harry Truman the Man of 1948.
Fair Deal- The Fair Deal included proposals for expanded public housing, increased aid to education, a higher minimum wage, federal protection for civil rights, and national health insurance.

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