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  • Published : March 18, 2014
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How The Inuit And White Cultures Affect Elsa's Role As A Mother In The Windflower Essays and Term Papers User: Which law, passed in 2002, outlawed punch-card voting systems? A. Voter Accuracy Act of 2002 B. Help America Vote Act of 2002 C. Electoral College Reform Act of 2002 D. End Disputed Votes Act of 2002

Weegy: The correct answer is B. Help America Vote Act of 2002 jwil00|Points 200|

User: How was the 2000 presidential election ultimately decided? A. the U.S. Congress awarded the presidency to George Bush B. the Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of Al Gore C. the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that George Bush won Florida and the presidency D. the entire Florida election was re-done

Weegy: C. the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that George Bush won Florida and the presidency selymi|Points 7412|

User: Which of the following is not used by states to determine which delegates will attend the national convention? A. primary B. referendum C. caucus D. convention

Weegy: B. referendum
mythmoh|Points 3826|

User: In a caucus system, if a candidate does not receive certain level of support, A. the supporters of that candidate must pledge support for a more successful candidate. B. the candidate is disqualified from future political campaigns. C. the supporters of that candidate are barred from voting. D. the candidate must take their name off the ballot.

Weegy: a
selymi|Points 7412|

User: During the 2000 presidential election, which state was the source of controversy? A. Florida B. Texas C. Tennessee D. California

Weegy: A. Florida
Fanboy|Points 190|

User: The term used to describe an elected official serving a final term in office is A. whip. B. lame duck. C. yellow dog. D. political ghost.

Weegy: B. lame duck.
Fanboy|Points 190|

User: What are the two most common forms of direct primaries? A. open and closed B. internal and external C. silent and closed D. public and private

Weegy: c
selymi|Points 7412|

User: A state that does...