President Jackson Guardian of the Constitution

Topics: Andrew Jackson, Democratic Party, United States Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: May 19, 2011
With good intention of building a nation based on principles of freedom, opportunity, and equality, the United States early leaders had many struggles in doing so. A utopia world can be imagined and planned out, but tribulations will always occur, making a utopia impossible to be created. The Jacksonian Democrats viewed themselves as the guardians of the Constitution, individual liberty, and equal opportunity, but then again, tribulations are inevitable.

Jacksonian Democrats took on the duty of defending the country from mostly outside powers, but also from problems that take place in the country. The Declaration gives the American man many rights, which can be, and will be abused. Document A explains how the Jacksonian's recognized this, and again, with good intent, they have assigned themselves as an organized party, with leaders of high meaning to protect any misuse of the said freedoms in the Declaration. President Jackson takes a commanding step in his faith of defending the country in his veto of the United States Bank re-charter showed in Document B. He gives a good argument for why the Bank is disrupting and harmful to the United States, and his veto is because he is trying to protect the United States.

Document D shows how the United States was already very prospering, and the document really emphasizes the amazement of individual liberty. Never before, anywhere else in the modernized world was the a working democracy, but the United States seemed to be a very able country even with individual liberty. The writer claims she was “painfully amazed” when the question was up-rose of whether the people are encouraged to govern themselves, she was surprised because it looked as if it was a great environment. Document E tells of how a riot broke out in Philadelphia because of the issue of slavery, and black discrimination. This is a struggle that will always haunt those in power. The issue of slavery completely goes against the Democrat belief of...
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