President Franklin D Roosevelt Letter Essay

Topics: President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Japanese American internment Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: October 4, 2010
3432 Vineyard Way
Sacramento, CA 96385
February 17, 1942

President Franklin D Roosevelt
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D.C, NY 20500

Dear President Franklin D. Roosevelt,

I would like you to consider canceling the Executive Order 9066 and let everyone return home safely. What you are doing to the innocent Japanese Americans is unfair and unconstitutional. By putting the Japanese Americans in those internment camps, you are taking away their human rights. For example, in Amendment 8 in the constitution, it says it protects people from inhumane prison conditions. According from one person living in the internment camp, the apartments were small, the night were extremely cold, and the roofs leaked when it rained. These conditions goes against the constitution and as the president it is your job to protect and enforce the constitution. President Franklin D. Roosevelt it is your duty to enforce the constitution, so please do your job as president and let the Japanese Americans return home safely.

Canceling the Executive Order 9066 would also benefit you because you wouldn’t have to pay for the living expenses of the camps and use the money on more important matters. Instead of locking up innocent civilians, use that time and effort to find out who really is giving information to the enemies. Innocent people have to bare the blame for being traitors even if they didn’t do anything. A lot of Japanese Americans are being doubted by their friends and this is really hurting them. Think of all the people getting depressed for nothing. President Franklin D. Roosevelt please clear up this matter and release the Japanese Americans from the camps. No good will come to it except hatred, confusion, sadness, suffering, and distrust. Humans have the right to have rights, so they should be treated evenly. Even if you have to lock them up, lock them up in a nice way and give them comforts so they won’t have to hate being born a certain way.

I would like...
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