President Franklin Roosevelt's Foreign Policies

Topics: United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, World War II Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: February 19, 2011
President Franklin Roosevelt just gave a speech calling for the quarantine of aggressors in 1937

Foreign policies, although sometimes similar, varies from administration to administration. The policy makers, who are normally the closest aids or sometimes-even confidants, tend to have tremendous influences on these guiding principles. The foreign policies of America have help shaped the world as it is today, whether by providing aids to countries that have no structural governments or by defending American interest abroad. An example of these policies is president Franklin Roosevelt’s quarantine speech, given on 5th October 1937. Adolf Hitler and the fascist Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini are irrefutably threatening the world’s peace. In an effort to protect the peace, President Roosevelt’s quarantine speech seems to be a devised policy that would counter such a threat. A major setback however is that the neutrality acts has been passed by congress, curtailing America’s capability of backing and or supporting nations with whom we empathize. Sources in the White House indicate that the president may find other ways of assisting friendly countries. In his speech, the president has articulated concerns about the agonies guiltless people face. Women and children are mostly susceptible to these bombings. Without the declaration of war, they are the primary casualties of war. Although collateral damage is inevitable, the suggestion by the president is that prevention can be achieved by mainly placing political and economic pressures on the aggressors. He said, “The one country that wants to be a power monger jeopardizes the peace of the other nations. However, the country, which respects the freedom of other nations, which exercises patience with consideration of the other countries, earns the longstanding mutual respect and the approval of others.” He concluded by stating that just as when a pandemic breaks out, the population approves the...
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