Preserving the Sanctity of Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Gay Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Preserving the Sanctity of Marriage
“They are preserving the sanctity of marriage, so that two gay men who've been together for twenty-five years can't get married, but a guy can still get drunk in Vegas and marry a hooker at the Elvis chapel! The sanctity of marriage is saved!” Lea DeLaria states her views on gay marriage. Some although, view this topic very differently, it is seen as a dirty abomination to many that heterosexual marriage is being corrupted by the possibility of homosexual marriage. The year is 2010, yet America has seemed to take a step back in giving everyone and anyone equal rights in today’s society, leading back when America thought it was not a good idea to give African Americans their rights. Is that situation so different from today’s argument of giving homosexuals their rights? Although heterosexual marriages are more acceptable in America today, homosexual relationships as well as marriages need to be respected, not restrained so homosexuals can live freely as they please.

People who are against gay marriage often are very religious in the Christian sense. They can relate gay marriage back to the bible with quotes like “Marriage shall consist of a union between one man and one or more women” (Genesis 29:17-28; II Samuel 3:2-5). These kinds of people are the ones who stay in tradition; the union between a man and women has been the only way of a legal connection in a society of any kind. This tradition proves to be strong; in June of 1986 the U.S Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that adult gay members practicing a gay lifestyle were not protected by the constitution. This was the first ruling in the U.S that outright said that gay marriage would not be tolerated. Since 1986 not much has changed, a gay lifestyle is not widely accepted, as well as marriages between them.

Being part of the gay community is not an easy task, especially when marriage is involved. Just because someone is gay does not mean that this person should have...
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