Preservation Hall Jazz Band

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The chosen band for this assignment is the Preservation Hall Jazz Band based out of New Orleans. The band’s name comes from Preservation Hall in New Orleans where music is played every Wednesday and Saturday nights. The band is comprised of: Wendell Brunious playing trumpet.

David Grillier playing the clarinet.
Frank Demond playing the trombone.
Narvin Kimball on the banjo.
Benjamin Jaffe strumming the upright bass.
Joseph Lastie on the drums.
Rickie Monie at the piano.

The songs that I chose are off the Preservation Hall Jazz Band CD title “Because of You”. It was recorded in December 1995 at the Ultrasonic Studios in New Orleans. Sony released it under the Sony Classical Listening Station label in 1998. The songs that I will use for my discussion are: “You Can Depend on Me” a tune written by Charles Carpenter, Louis Dunlap and Earl Hines. “Mama Don’t Allow It” by Sammy Cahn and Charles Davenport. “Petite Fleur” by Sidney Bechet.

The first song “You Can Depend on Me” uses the smooth vocals of Narvin Kimball the banjo player of the band. It appears that the song uses a rhythm section comprised of the drums, upright bass and banjo using 4/4 rhythm with a steady medium tempo. The trumpet is playing the melody and the clarinet playing a countermelody on the first chorus. When the vocals start, the piano starts to play around the melody with what appears to be a muted clarinet possibly doing some call and response to the vocals. The next chorus gives rise to a solo by the trombone bending notes up and down. After the trombone solo, the trumpet solos with a bright flowering sound. The last chorus repeats the vocals. The music has a feeling of the early New Orleans jazz on the 1920s. The next song is “Mama Don’t Allow It” with Wendell Brunious doing the vocals. The song is a very light fast tempo, 2/4 rhythm song with solos of all the instruments. The words to the song describe, “Mama don’t want no … playing around here.” The vocalist uses a...
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