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Tata Group-Built on Trust & Ethics
“We do not claim to be more unselfish, more generous or more philanthropic than other people. But we started on sound and straight forward business principles, considering the interests of the shareholders our own, and the health and welfare of the employees the sure foundation of our prosperity.” Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. (1839-1904),Our Founder. “The wealth gathered by Jamsetji Tata and his sons in half a century of industrial pioneering formed but a minute fraction of the amount by which they enriched the nation. The whole of that wealth is held in trust for the people and used exclusively for their benefit. The cycle is thus complete, what came from the people has gone back to the people many times over” J.R.D. Tata (1904-1993)


I believe in being a Pioneer…
• Tata Steel • “Do you mean to say that the Tatas propose to make steel rails to British Specifications? Why, I will undertake to eat every pound of steel rail they succeed in making.” – Sir Frederick Upcott, Chief Commissioner of Indian Railways, 1907 • Indian Hotels • “The want of hotel accommodation was never so badly felt as at present… when will Bombay have a rest house worthy of the name?” – Bombay Saturday Review,1865 • India Cements • Tatas gave India its first cement manufacturing unit to which was added Shahabad cement in 1926, both these and other cement companies were merged in 1936 to form Associated Cement Companies (ACC). • Tata Power • Pioneered the generation of electricity in India with the commissioning of India’s first large hydro-electric project in 1915 in Bhivpuri and Khopoli, Karjat.


1903: India’s first luxury hotel 1907: India’s first integrated steel plant 1932: India’s first commercial air service 1941: India’s first cancer hospital 1948: India’s first international commercial flight 1968: India’s first software services company 1998: India’s first indigenous car 2005: India’s first mini truck

What will the next first be?

2008: India’s first people’s car

Tata Motors India’s largest Automobile Company


About Tata Motors
Established 1945 in Established


A Fortune Global 500 Company India’s Most Valuable Brands – Economic Times The Most Respected Company of 2011 in the Automobiles Sector Award Consolidated revenues of Rs.1,23,133 crores in 2010-11 Leadership position in commercial vehicles in India Among the top 3 in Passenger Cars First to be listed on NYSE from India Inc Engineering Sector Employee Strength of over 25000 From developing the Tata Nano to Acquiring JLR


Tata Motors

Commercial Vehicles

Passenger Cars




Non Vehicular Business


Utility Vehicles



Manufacturing Base
Jamshedpur – Commercial Vehicles Pune – Commercial as well as Passenger Vehicles Lucknow – Commercial Vehicles Pantnagar – Commercial Vehicles South Korea –Heavy and Medium Trucks Spain – High Capacity Buses Morocco – High Capacity Buses Dharwad – Marcopolo Buses Ahmedabad – Tata Nano JLR - UK 8

Widespread Network
• Company offices • Dealerships • Service stations


International Business
Across Europe, Africa , Middle East, South East Asia, South Asia, South America Focus on select geographies - South Africa, Italy, Spain, Turkey etc. Franchisee/joint venture assembly operations in Kenya, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Russia, Senegal and South Africa.


Worldwide Presence


State-of-the-art facilities
Fully automated robotic assembly lines Latest computer and numerically controlled (CNC) machines

Fully automated press transfer line


State-of-the-art facilities


Leading edge Innovation
ERC (Engineering Research Centre ) set up in Pune in 1966 Global Web of six R&D Centers - India : Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow - United Kingdom - South Korea - Spain Over 4500 Engineers & Scientists Networked with specialized external agencies like AVL, IDEA Studio etc


Our R&D...
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