Presentation Skills

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Presentation skills relate to us as a person, its what other people see as they approach us, for example appropriate clothes and a smart appearance and the welcoming with give them and our face expression, every single thing we do sends a message to them about us.

1. Body language – Using your body and hands to express yourself. 2. Verbal and non-verbal – Verbal communication is when you make speech with another person and non-verbal can be done by body language and/or sign language. 3. Listening – Pay interest to someone or something in order to hear them. 4. Seeking clarifications – Looking for something clearer or easier to understand by giving more details or a simpler explanation. 5. Responsiveness – Being responsive is when you make a positive and quick reaction to something or someone. 6. Eye contact – Looking at the person, or people, talking to show you’re participating and paying attention to the conservation.

• Employers must be clean and tidy all time because it wouldn’t be a pleasant to be around dirty and unhygienic people.

Body Language

Our body language is the term given to the messages we pass on by our gestures, facial expressions, posture and our body positions.

• Gestures is used to communicate who is a distance away, gestures usually reveal our feelings , it is very easy for someone else to relies that we are nervous for example touching out hair or smoothing down your clothes. Every single thing we do gives someone an idea of what we are thinking for example, shrugging your shoulders which is inappropriate basically giving a impression that we don’t care. Another example when a student is being spoken to they look around gives us a message that they don’t care. Also if a customer in your business is tapping a foot or drumming their figures is a sign that they are getting impatient. Our body position tells others about you,

• Facial expressions gives away your thoughts and emotions. You can always notice if a person is surprised ,disappointed ,bored, joy and even sexual attraction with our eyes and facial expressions. It is inappropriate as a worker you are yawning or raising your eye brow to your customer which would give them you don’t like them, then that causes inconvenient arguments and fights.

• Your Posture displays your confidence and attitude, for example if you are a teacher you can not slouch and crossing your legs or arms is a defensive positions. There’s different ways of what we do gives a straight forward message where as if you are leaning forward means you are interested and sitting upright and relaxed shows a good positive look.

• Your Body Positions tells others how you feel about them, its really like a relationship for example the closer you stand next to a person shows you like each other and other strangers would know you either are a couple or really good friends. It shows you are interested in them, sometimes when teachers nodding there head or shaking there head shows there agreeing with you or disagreeing.

Presentation skills are important to customer service because it is a good start point for your organization to keep their policies customer policies friendly, because companies have to provide excellent customer service, this ensures that employees know what to do when they are dealing with customers, which is a success to the business. Good customer service attracts more customers and increases sales. It also improves the business reputation which means customers just through recommendations.

Interpersonal skills

• Behaviour

If you are a friendly person then you will usually be acting normal and behave in a cheerful and friendly way. It has been said if you enjoy your job and if you like working with people you will normally behave in a courteous and thoughtful way and respect their feelings. To be a good committed worker you can not cheat on your employer,...
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