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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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This presentation offers a global view on the Geisha vocation including parts on the historical background, Geisha's role and duties, and the pros and cons of such a lifestyle.

Outline :

I] Rise of this kind
II] A geisha's pride
III] Rough path to success

Geishas are a main figure in japanese culture, they are meant to represent beauty, luxury and sophistication. Unlike what you might think, those woman were not basically "prostitutes". As an example, the word Geisha literaly means "the one who knows arts", so they were not intended to hustle. That sexual ambiguity dates back to the 2nd world war when prostitutes pretended to be Geishas for American soldiers to pay the full price. There are still Geishas nowadays in Japan, even though it has became pretty rare.

I] Rise of this kind
It's in the old Kyoto that the myth began in the 17th century. The first teahouses opened in the prostitution district, Geishas were actually men whose work was to entertain guests by singing and playing music. Quickly, this market field went ruled by women and by the end of the century, every Geishas were female ones. Geishas are called « geiko » in Japan. Above all, it is a profession devoted to the cult of beauty and physical appearance. A geisha’s outfit is always impeccable and so is her make-up. She always watches her mouth very carefully when she speaks and pay a very special attention to every single one of the moves she makes, she always focus to keep being graceful in everything she does and she keeps herself fit by training a lot. All along her life a geisha keep training and practicing dance, theater and shamisen. She gets involved in a lot of artistic representation such as dance and theatre shows, that also count for a lot in her reputation and help making it better.

II] A Geisha's pride.
There is only a few times in her life when a geisha will get paid for sexual services. Chronologically, the first one is when she sells her « mizuage »,...
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