Presentation of the Ceo's Position

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  • Published : August 28, 2010
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Presentation of the CEO’s Position


Presentation of the CEO’s Position
As the CEO of Kardell Paper Company it has been brought to my attention that we have some concerns with our operating procedures and that data has suggested that there could be a possible link with health problems and sonox. I believe I first will critically examine each and every single review of the stakeholder’s position and will form a course of action regarding the concern that has concerning sonox. I must address that whatever course of action I decided to take will be based only actual facts and will also be based in the best interest of the company. The proposed plan would involve Kardell Paper Company having to shut down for about a year while the company could incorporate the new technology to keep any more contamination of sonox from reoccurring again. I believe that the first group with concerns I will examine will be the Kardell investors. The most important concern that the investors have is how much will they get back from their investment. The investors also have some very good plans to keep the company from shutting down completely. The investor’s argument is also since there is no actual evidence that the plant is the one releasing the chemical known as sonox. The other argument is it is also unknown if sonox is the cause for miscarriages and respiratory disorders in the community of Riverside. And for those facts, the investors believe that the plant should not close for any period of time and lose any profit should remain open continue to run as normal. The second group with concerns I will examine will be the city of Riverside and the citizens. One of the major concerns that the city of Riverside and the citizens have is the health of their community and any affects that could result if their water supply is being contaminated with the chemical sonox. The city of Riverside and the citizens also understand that if the plant is closed for a...
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