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Topics: Carbon fiber, Tensile strength, Carbon Pages: 3 (1404 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Hi, I’m going to be talking about Carbon fibre in tennis rackets What I will cover in the next ten minutes is this.
I will talk you through what Carbon fibre is, its atomic structure, properties which then makes it the ideal material for modern tennis rackets. What is Carbon fibre?
Carbon fibre consist of tiny filament about 5-8 mu metres in diameter. Carbon fibre mostly contains carbon bonds which are bonded together in a crystal Alignment. This means there are strong covalent bonds between the molecules. Being in its crystal alignment, this gives carbon fibre a high to strength to volume ratio which basically means it strong for its size. For example if you could make a tow from several thousand of carbon fibres bundled together. Here in this picture in the background comparing the size of one single carbon fibre to hair [point out and explain]

Atomic structure
Each carbon fibre is a bundle of thousands of carbon filaments. A single filament is a thin tube with the diameter of 5-8mu metres and almost all of it is carbon. As it has a crystal alignment which I have said earlier. It’s structure is similar to graphite’s hexagonal layered structure. But the difference is the way the layers are bonded. In graphite the layers are stacked parallel to one another and inbetween there are only weak Van der Waals forces, which are easy to break. Giving graphite its soft and brittle properties. There are two different ways the sheets of carbon, in carbon fibre are put together. 1)turbostratic carbon fibre. Turbostratic means the crystal structure in which planes have slipped out of alignment . So In turbostratic Carbon fibre has sheets of carbon atoms that are folded or crumpled together. Giving its properties. High tensile strength- turbostratic Some Carbon fibres are derived from graphite after heat treatment at temperatures exceeding 2200 C. This is called Heat treated mesophase pitched derived carbon fibre, so the heat treated graphite has high young’s...
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