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Confidentiality Poster
Confidentiality as a principle suggests that you keep information about clients private in order to safeguard their dignity and their right to the basic privacy afforded to every other individual.

To maintain confidentiality you store all clients information in a locked place where only care staff can access. You do not share clients information with any other persons other then care staff and the client. Unless there is an emergency where medical practitioners may need to access the information. Family and friends are not legible to access this information without the client permission first. Maintaining confidentiality of information is an important part of caring. Confidentiality Versus the Duty to Protect:

Breaking confidentiality

You will need to break confidentiality if, at any time, the health or safety of the person seeking your help or any other person is at risk. In most cases you have an obligation to get help for that person if they are going to 1) harm themselves, 2) harm someone else or 3) cause damage to property.   Often this involves getting in touch with your Senior and determining who needs to know this information (parents, police, paramedics, etc.).If you believe that a patient may be a victim of neglect or physical, sexual or emotional abuse, and that they lack capacity to consent to disclosure,you must give information promptly to an appropriate responsible person or authority, if you believe that the disclosure is in the patient’s best interests or necessary to protect others from a risk of serious harm. If, for any reason, you believe that disclosure of information is not in the best interests of a neglected or abused patient, you should discuss the issues with an experienced colleague. If you decide not to disclose information,you should document in the patient’s record your discussions and the reasons for deciding not to disclose. You should be prepared to justify your decision.

When you are unsure...
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