Present the Effects of Television on Young Minds.

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  • Published : January 12, 2012
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Nowadays, Television plays a very important role in our life. We are getting a lot of knowledge and entertainment from it. The effects of TV on young minds is profound both for the better and the worse. On the one hand, TV do positive effects on young mind. Nowadays, there are countless TV programs concerning all fields of life such as society, science, education, technology …providing a sea of information on over the word. I can say right away that TV is the best way for the young and all of us to get up-to-date information, knowledge, new conception and technology because of its faster transmission speed than newspapers, more visual effect than radios, more economical consumption than network. In addition, TV is also a most popular form of entertainment. After a long day at study or work, we need a break. Watching a film on TV, we could forget all trouble of the day, feel good and get ready to go back to our work or studies. On the other hand, We can say that TV are making us less active. We receive everything that TV gives to us. Some of them may be good, some may be bad but the most important thing is we will lose our imaginary ability. Watching TV for a long time can seriously damage us, both mentally and physically. Some people are destroying themselves by watching TV so much, which may cut them off from the real world little by little. We often hear some parents complain that their children spend hours before the little TV screen, ignoring their study, outdoors activities and even their family. Mental laziness becomes physical laziness: we would like to watch sports on TV than to participate; We would like to chat with somebody on Internet than to socialize with neighbors; we would like to stay in bed on sunny weekend that to go out for a walk. Another negative effect of TV on young minds is that it make them more violent. The more violent programs they watch, the less sensitive they become. They are being accustomed to the violent scenes on the movies...
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