Present Simple

Topics: Verb, Grammatical tense, Grammatical number Pages: 3 (367 words) Published: November 29, 2012

1-When do we use it?

-When we are talking about a habit;
-When we are talking about a schedule;
-When we are stating a fact;
-When we say something that is generally true;
-When we give instructions or directions.

2-TIME EXPRESSIONS for things that happen regularly are:
-Once a....
-Twice a....
-On Tuesdays.....
-In winters....
-Always, Frequently, Often, Usually, Regularly, Generally, Sometimes, Seldom, Rarely, Never.

* Time Expressions that are one word, we put before the main verb.
e.g. I always do my homework.
e.g. We don't usually spend so much money.

* If the main verb is BE (am, is, are), we put the Time Expression after it. e.g. I am never late.

* When we have a sentence that is a general fact, we don't use any time expression and we have to know that it refers to PRESENT SIMPLE.
e.g. The sun shines in the east.
My father works in a factory.
We live in Boston.

How To Use The Present Simple?

i) Affirmative form:

-Subject + Verb + Object
e.g: I play football every day.

***3rd person of singular:
-Most of the verbs take the letter “s” to from 3rd person of singular, e.g.: Live-lives

but …the verbs ending in “sh, ch, o, x, ss”, we ad “es” e.g.: wash-washed,

and…the verbs ending in consonant + letter “Y”, we cut “y” and add “ies”. e.g.:

but…the verbs ending in vowel + letter “Y”, we add “s”. e.g.:

ii) Negative form:

-To do the negative form in present simple tense, we must use the auxiliary “to do”. -Subject + verb to do (conjugated) + not + main verb (infinitive) + the object.
e.g.: I do not play tennis every day.
She does not work in my company....
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