Present Ngo's in Bangladesh

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NGOs in Bangladesh
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The Emergence of NGOs in Bangladesh:

The roots of non-government organizations (NGOs) in Bangladesh can be traced back to the colonial period, when private charities and philanthropic groups were formed to establish or maintain schools, hospitals, and orphanages.

While NGOs existed in the former East Pakistan, the impetus for the birth of development NGOs in Bangladesh came in the wake of the terrible cyclone of 1970 and the War of Independence in 1971. Initially, NGOs were oriented toward relief and reconstruction. Some organizations were influenced by the Comilla Experiment of the 1960s and looked to provide a way in which poor farmers could improve their prospects through village-level cooperatives.

By the end of 1970s, the realization that the community approach was failing to channel resources to the poorer members of the class-based village society led to the adoption of the target approach. This approach targeted assistance at the poorest members of the community.

During the 1980s, the targeted approach was refined and developed. Many NGOs felt that the poor were best helped by encouraging them to mobilize themselves around issues. Following the practices of Latin American NGOs that had developed the work of Paulo Freire, Bangladeshi NGOs adopted the approach of “concretization” in hopes that this would empower the poor to improve their own lives by demanding justice from the state.

Meanwhile, another transformation had been taking place in government institutions. Inefficiencies in delivery of goods and services led the Government, with support from its development partners, to make measures to break monopolies and allow the market mechanism to operate. The vacuum created by the failure of the Government or the market to deliver services was filled by NGOs.

Types of NGOs:

There are probably more NGOs in Bangladesh than in any country of comparable size. Currently more than 20,000 NGOs of various types are registered in the country. An unknown number have not registered. Registration is not mandatory unless the NGOs wishes to engage in transaction with the Government.

All types of NGOs exist in Bangladesh: organizations run by individuals, non-profit contractors for public services, and providers of services for the poor, networks, funding agencies, operational and implementing NGOs, advocacy NGOs, professional associations, religious societies, community associations, cooperatives, poor people’s organizations, mass organizations, and others. The organizations operate at all levels-international, national, thana, districts, and grass roots. It is, useful, however to distinguish between membership and non-membership organizations in the context of governance and accountability.

Membership organizations serve their own members, while non-membership organizations help others. From a functional aspect, NGOs can be grouped as welfare, relief, research, advocacy, and development organizations. The term “NGO” is used to describe organizations that that receive foreign funds and toward development.

List of Important NGOs in Bangladesh:[1]

Bangladesh has been perhaps the most important hearth on the globe for non-governmental organizations. There are many types of NGOs in the country, but most focus on development or poverty alleviation. Bangladesh is often seen as the birthplace of the microcredit NGO, namely the Grameen Bank. The Comilla District in Bangladesh has also long been the pet project of global developmental theorists and NGOs.

International NGOs

• Oxfam
• Pathfinder International
• Practical Action...
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