Present How Strategic Planning, Performance Improvement, and Information Systems Are Interrelated and Fundamental to the Delivery of Quality Healthcare

Topics: Want Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: August 1, 2011
HCA 340 Managing in Health & Human Services

Instructor: Elizabeth Wells-Beede

Latriest Fisher

July 18, 2011

Course Learning and Outcomes

Read texts that you deem most important or relevant for a course first, particularly when your professor mentions a passage or when a reading is to be covered in class. Prioritize readings by determining what will be reviewed in discussion sections and by knowing test dates and due dates for papers. Be sure that you have enough time to complete your reading assignments by scheduling more time than you think you need. To get the most from your class readings, use the following tips; managing reading assignments, and Reading effectively. Condense information take margin notes and highlight important points within readings. When it is time to study for tests, focus on the notes you've taken and the passages you've highlighted in a separate notebook; write down ideas and questions that arise while you're reading. This will help you think critically about what you've read, and will serve as a guide as you study for tests, write papers, and ask questions in class. Identify sequences of events in your readings and make lists to put events in order. Gain a broader understanding of what you read by visualizing characters and working to grasp their motivations. Be attentive to cause-effect relationships that are central to knowing why events happen. Prioritize your reading assignments, Read the assignments that you deem to be most important first. If you know some readings will be covered in class, or if your professor has mentioned specific reading assignments, those may be your priority. Similarly, you may want to prioritize assignments in which you're reading about things you don't know over assignments that cover subjects that you're familiar with. Generally, you may want to read primary source assignments for a class before reading secondary source is to find a place to read where you...
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