Presence of Illuminati Through Ideologies

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Presence of Illuminati through Ideologies
The term “Illuminati” has been frequently used by historians in the past millennium to name secretive groups that existed and operated during the past few centuries. One of the more important secretive groups and the most famous Illuminati group until date were known as the Bavarian Illuminati although today it is simply known as “The Illuminati”. According to a source, it was founded in 1776 by a group of intellectual, European-based scientists, also known as freethinkers, during the Enlightenment era as a result of demoralization by religious factions of their belief that scientific ideologies could exist side-by-side with different religious teachings (“Illuminati”, n.d.). Of the religious factions that somewhat stood against science, the Vatican City’s Catholic Church is thought to have continuously oppressed advances in the scientific field by these European-based scientists and hence contributed largely in the formation of an Illuminati fraternity whose members solely believed in scientific logic. Barkun (2003) believes the Illuminati existed for a small period in time, roughly eleven years, before being brought down due to infiltration among themselves by the Bavarian government in the year 1787. Yet, because of the secrecy and infiltration among regional governments the Illuminati were known for, many people believed and still believe in their rather peak period after their supposed downfall. Illuminati ideologies like science over religion and total world control on upper hierarchy by single entity unknowingly being part of our systems can result in too much authority to the group that no longer includes only scientists but also highly powerful people. According to Stone (2004), present day influential bankers, industrialists (-1-)

and statesman situated in the Western Europe and North American regions follow Illuminati ideologies that affect most of the other countries in the world excluding very few Islamic countries and China who have been able to only just resist the influence. Many theories have come up stating that the Illuminati was able to gradually infiltrate the higher levels of Free Masons, another secrecy group, whose lower hierarchy was and is popular with the public, perhaps to gain some sort of insulation. To prove whether or not the Illuminati actually exists as a single group today can be a very difficult task but to show their likely or eventual existence through the presence of their ideologies around us and in our systems is a possibility. This possibility of eventual existence is not a positive or healthy outcome for the people in the long run. One Illuminatist ideology which is heavily influenced by the initial reason the “Bavarian Illuminati” group was formed is that of authority of science above authority of religion and this can be seen to exist around us. In fact, it can be noticed in western-based education systems in the world today where science and scientific logic is more often than not given more importance than different religious perspectives. Opponents of this point argue that religion in general is understood and practiced by a very large number people side-by side with scientific studies and logic. These people deem scientific logic as still very young in comparison to religious logic and that science has ever since been changing not only in terms of developing new things but also in terms of modifying old findings while religion does not seem to go against itself. Although it is true that religion is practiced by a very large number of people, the fact that it is not promoted enough in educational institutes influenced by western-based education (-2-)

systems in comparison to science today shows how the ideology of science over religion has slowly sneaked into the education sector itself. It can be seen that in places where science and western-based education systems are flourishing, a lot of people tend to look at...
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