Prescription Drugs and the Effects of Overdose

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Prescription drugs and the effects of overdose
In the United States a life is changed every fourteen minutes due to prescription drugs. Overdose from prescription drugs is becoming an really dangerous epidemic. Prescription drugs are becoming more dangerous than illegal drugs. Oxy-cotin, Vicoden, Xanax and soma are common names for really addictive prescription drugs. Teenagers take the drugs to get high, while adults take the drugs for bum knees, and sprained backs. No one plans on getting addicted; addiction just happens. This addiction causes organ failure, strong feelings of anger, helplessness, guilt and shame. Families are deprived of helping loved ones. Attempts at rehab fail and death can occur.

A person who overdoses once usually has no lasting physical disabilities. Organ failure happens from long term abuse of prescription drugs. The abuse causes transient damage to the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. Brain damage can also be caused by the suppression of the lungs and heart functions; the brain damage is permanent. The effects of organ failure may not be recognized until late in life. Abuse causes suppression of the respiratory and circulatory systems, which causes seizers and heart attacks. Liver and kidney functions are also at risk. The liver and kidneys remove waste and toxins from our systems. Swelling of the hands, feet and face, abominable pain, and back pain are symptoms of liver and kidney failure. Toxins build up in the body and fewer red blood cells are produced. Both liver and kidney failure can lead to jaundice and cause shortness of breath and the lungs to fill with fluid.

Being resentful of loved ones and jealous caused by the addiction. The abuser puts their addiction in front of everything in life including one’s self. Emotional trauma is caused between the abuser and loved ones. There is a feeling of hopelessness and abusers feels as if they are against the world. The abuser feels a wedge between anxieties kick in for there...
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