Preschool Years

Topics: Cognition, Mind, Human brain Pages: 5 (2127 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Preschool years are one of the important things in the child’s life. Children learn a lot through these years. Also, children play a lot and this allows them to build more schemas in the brain. A suitable environment should be provided to the children in order to perceive properly and learn clearly. The purpose of this assignment is to develop the educator’s critical thinking skills in order to maximize the children’s potential. The observation took place in the day care of children in Grossmont College. Wednesday the 25 of April, 2012. The children observed were 3 years of age. Jacob, Jason, kyle, Jordan and Jessica and few others. They were little and cute. All of them were wearing pant and colorful t-shirt. There were 3 care givers adults and one was coming and going back and forth. The children were probably 8-10 of them. The area was totally safe, everything was in its place and toys everywhere. The walls of the room all painted in different colors and on the wall picture of some of the children, posters and Hnachel.

The Biosocial domain is the physical change that occurs to the child in the first few years of life. Nature and nurture is the one that shapes the child and provide the information that he or she needs. Nature is the genes that the child inherits from his or her mom and dad. Nurture is the environment that the child lives in. The biosocial domain contents gross motor skills which are the action that the child takes from a part or parts of her or his body. These skills allow the child to move hands and legs using their brain to do so. For example, crawling is one of the gross motor skills and also moving or pushing their bodies toward a certain surface that they are sitting or lying on. While we were observing, a lot of these skills appeared. For example, Jason took the cubes and starts to play with it so he was moving his arms and making a few steps with his legs and he was moving his arms up and down because he was building a tower. Then he hit the cubes and gathered the cubes again and started all over. Jessica took a small baby doll and went to the care giver and starts to play with it. Jessica tried to hold the baby doll and put it against her chest so she was moving both of her legs and both hands and coordinating with the body move. The second motor skill is the fine motor skill which is the small movement of the body parts like moving their fingers or their toes to grabs something (Berger p.147). Little by little the new born babies try to move their fingers to grasp thing and usually they grasp tightly but this skill is going to be weak because of their lack of coordination between the eye and the hand. An example of the fine motor skill is that kyal sits on the cher and grasp the spoon from the tip and hold tight with his five fingers and started eating . Then he tried to grasp the cup of milk also with his fingers and put it in his mouth and this is also coordination between the hand and the mouth. The child is now able to coordinate in these two skills and what do we mean by coordination here is that the child uses his or her brain to control other body parts. The understanding of objects also begins during this time and children begin to recognize certain objects as having specific qualities (Berger, Ch.6 P.193). Here we find body-brain interaction which is that the brain receives an input from what the eye is seeing then get the input and transform it to a move the any child does. Jorden having breakfast, he tried to get the cup of milk with his fork. He took the fork and stik it to the top of the cub with his eyes looking on the cub for few seconds. This shows the eye-hand coordination. Two kids were playing inside and one of is up stairs on the toboggan and one is down throwing the toy ball to each other and this tells us that they are using brain-body interdependence. Jorden after words grabs the soap in one hand and opened the faucet in the other hand . The brain has neurons and as...
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