Preschool Teaching Activity: Poison Safety

Topics: Poison, Education, Poison control center Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: September 18, 2008
Two student nurses were given an assignment to visit American Lutheran Preschool and teach the preschoolers the safety of poisons. While planning this project they researched how a preschooler learns affectively “Children learn best by actively participating in learning,” and “Learning occurs best if rewards, not penalties, are offered” (Pilliterri, 2007). They began their teaching plan based on these learning effective teaching measures and incorporated them into their poison presentation. Secondly, three objectives were identified to teach about poisons for their presentation and included; Define a poison, Introduce Spike, and sing the poison safety song, and play the Spike stay away game. These objectives are aimed at preschoolers aging from three to five years of age, since they include a song and game. The two nursing students’ presentation was aimed not only on learning about poisons but for the children to enjoy the activities as well. Throughout their planning they incorporated different teaching strategies to help the child learn, and for the nursing students to effectively establish an understanding from the preschoolers of their response to the information given. “Because children’s knowledge base, capabilities, learning styles, and attention spans vary, teaching strategies should be intermixed” (Pillitteri, 2007). The teaching strategies include; lecture, demonstration, redemonstration, discussion and role modeling (Pillitteri, 2007). Although lecturing to a preschooler may sound ineffective the nursing students wanted to explain in simple terms what a poison was. They explained a poison can be anything that you can see, smell, taste, touch and can make you sick. They then introduced Spike whom they researched was the poison controls mascot. Spike is a child friendly porcupine, and he is able to identify trouble as when a poison is present his quills turn up. The nursing students used Spike the puppet to help teach the importance of poisons by...
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